About Me

Peter the bakerI am an IT programme/project manager by day and in the kitchen baking at all other times. I am also a baker in series 8 of the Great British Bake Off airing for the first time on Channel 4. I have an amazing family that support me in all I do and are not shy to tell me what they think when I​ don’t quite hit the mark or find the perfect balance.

As you’ll see throughout my blog, Coconut is my favourite baking ingredient and I always try to incorporate it into everything I bake, injecting a versatile, tropical burst of flavour. I love watching the Food Network and draw a lot of my inspiration from well-established bakers and an increasing collection of artisanal baking books.

Despite our shoebox-sized kitchen at home, the family affords me my own baking cupboard which is loaded with ingredients that experience a rapid turnover. From various flours to multitudes of chocolate and infinitely-present desiccated coconut to beloved spices like cinnamon and nutmeg, I realise how blessed I am to be able to work with this wide-range of ingredients to create amazing and tasty treats ​that teeter between the classic and the contemporary.

Subscribe to my blog and come with me on this journey of discovery and flavourful, culinary delight and keep updated with my new ventures. I’m just getting started and there’s no telling what the future w​ould bring but I promise you, bigger and better baking recipes are on the way!

Hopefully, when my new kitchen is in place, I’ll be able to make videos of the creations I come up with in the kitchen but for now, welcome TOBOLDLYBAKE!