Bread Making Part 4 – Chilli Pesto Bread

Wow! I almost did not post anything for the month of February. Ah! Pesto bread, this savoury bread has a special place in my baking journey. This bread was part…

My Simple No-Fail Almond Brownies

Bread Making Part 3 – Nigerian Sweet Butter Bread

Espresso Coffee Ice Cream

Make Your Own Feuilletine

Anyone who is into entremets will know that feuilletine is a key ingredient if it contains a praline crunch base. So the praline crunch base of the entremet that I will…

My Daughter’s Birthday Cake

Luxurious Mincemeat

Chocolate Orange Layer Ring Cake

Coconut Canelés

Canelés are a cork-shaped pastry from the French region of Bordeaux, the inventor of this french pastry is not originally known but who cares when something so delightful has survived…

Apple and Blueberry Turnover

Coconut Madeleines

Intensely Orange Flavoured Chocolate Chip Cookies